The TAO of SOA

Somebody said to me just the other day that SOA was a dull subject. This was a woman who said this, of course, and as Borat instructed us, hard to think with such small brain. Wait, I may be a woman, too…oh…

This is The SOABlog. You can’t buy a SOA, so can you sell one? Everybody seems to offer one these days.

You need a Virtual SOA, so you can’t have a real one? Are not all those white papers and conference talks and all that website copy real? Aren’t IBM, Oracle, SAP, BEA, TIBCO, Software AG, WebMethods (I mean Software AG) real?

The TAO of SOA is mysterious, yes. This is a fascinating topic, yes. There are many very big companies in mortal business combat over SOA. Because SOA will someday be synonymous with enterprise IT. SOA means “bet the ranch” to every enterprise technology company today.

This is the SOA Blog. I will write about SOA and the companies trying to kill each other over SOA. It will be fun!

Do you have an inside story about companies involved in SOA? Can you tell us why Shai Agassi really left SAP, for example? Or who will get screwed by the Software AG/WebMethods merger? Who’s really calling the shots at BEA? You know, fun stuff.

Send us your tips and gossip to

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